In the spirit of our monthly podcast, FeedPod which features poetry, poetics and music, woven together through mythscientific gestures, and the Beautiful Voices Project, a by-us-for us audio archive of poems and poetry-related materials that Harmony Holiday and Fence Books launched during National Poetry Month and have been building daily since, both here:, and as a more formal archive of LPs at Columbia University’s Music Library, we are now offering a subscription service on a per-year basis, which will feature detailed booklets of liner notes from our Podcast and the Beautiful Voices Project, as well as related, specially designed and curated, “objects” and ephemera, mailed to you on a just-about-monthly basis.

This “Journal of Objects,” a new take on the literary journal, will evolve to consist of things like:

  • Free downloads of select individual tracks from FeedPod and the Beautiful Voices Project
  • Broadsides
  • Posters/Postcards: In the words of Harmony herself: “I have what I’m calling an ‘Impossible Concert Series’ poster series in mind, meaning I plan to design a series of posters that advertise concerts that didn’t happen in a mythmaking way, O’Hara with Miles Davis is a crude example of what I might mean, maybe writing some lore in the form of mini reviews to accompany the posters. Inverse theory mythscientific dream type event horizons.”
  • Free Compilation downloads from the Beautiful Voices Project and the Archive of Afro/Astrosonics
  • Film Screenings in the Astro/Afrosonics tradition such as the online retrospective of Bill Gunn’s unscreened works we are putting together now
  • An online panel/interview series that will culminate in live events 
  • T-shirts and other garments featuring prints of some of the material in the liner notes, etc.
  • Special Astro/Afrosonics blends of tea, and herbs
  • Crystals and mineral salts and other Vivrant Things
  • Online Seminars on the topic of Astro/Afrosonics, as well as live-and-direct iterations
  • Guerrilla reprints of out-of-print books in the Astro/Afrosonics tradition

To subscribe to this compendium of Afro/Astrosonical voices slash objects slash mysteries, please do click here.

The Mingus School E-Journal

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 5.30.54 PM

In the mid 1960s jazz bassist and composer Charles Mingus rented space to start a jazz school in Harlem but was thwarted, the space left in shambles and Mingus himself left in tears as  sheets of his music and other equipment flailed in the wind while he was escorted out by the racist NYPD and his motives questioned by vulture reporters as if in starting a school he was trying to wage a war. Shortly after that incident, jazz education was all but coopted by academia and much of the cutting-edge energy of the music blunted as it went from a collective of journeymen and women who learned primarily by doing and collectively improvising, to one of good mannered university educated types following a curriculum with decorum. I think a similar moment exists in every artistic and literary tradition in this country, the instant when self-determination and joie de vivre fall prey to bureaucracy. In effort to notice and define those moments when the black revolutionary impulse is undermined, and to resurrect them with equal or added momentum, I started an imaginary Mingus School for the new millennium a couple years back for Perfroma and then as an ongoing series of events and archival revelries at the Poetic Research Bureau. This will be its lighthearted digital counterpart, musings, listening exercises, and thoughts and rare documents in audio color, an improvisation as I know Mingus’ original school would have been. This bi-monthly e-journal will serve as the blueprint for an eventual physical school that is part Mingus part Katherine Dunham, part Buckminster Fuller, part Nina Simone, reckless, regal, and perfect. Future editions will feature poems and prose from new luminaries, collaborators, guest curators, unreleased musics from the archives, etcetera. 

The Mingus School E-Journal is free to all Afro/Astrosonics subscribers. Or, get the inaugural issue by selecting your format (digital, or print and digital) below.